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Prof Trevor Dale  -  PhD

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de Groot, R.E., Ganji, R.S., Bernatik, O., Lloyd-Lewis, B., Seipel, K., Sedova, K., Zdráhal, Z., Dhople, V.M., Dale, T.C., Korswagen, H.C. and Bryja, V.(2014): Huwe1-mediated ubiquitylation of dishevelled defines a negative feedback loop in the wnt signaling pathway. Sci Signal. 18;7(317):ra26. doi: 10.1126/scisignal.2004985.

Lloyd-Lewis, B., Fletcher, A.G., Dale, T.C. and Byrne, H.M. (2013): Toward a quantitative understanding of the Wnt/β-catenin pathway through simulation and experiment. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Syst Biol Med. 5, 391-407.

Jardé ,T., Evans, R.J., McQuillan, K.L., Parry, L., Feng, G.J., Alvares, B., Clarke, A.R. and Dale, T.C. (2013): In vivo and in vitro models for the therapeutic targeting of Wnt signaling using a Tet-OΔN89β-catenin system. Oncogene 14;32(7):883-93.

Feng, G.J., Cotta, W., Wei, X.Q., Poetz, O., Evans, R., Jardé, T., Reed, K., Meniel, V., Williams, G.T., Clarke, A.R. and Dale T.C. (2012): Conditional disruption of axin1 leads to development of liver tumors in mice. Gastroenterology. 143(6):1650-9.

Shorning, B.Y., Jardé, T, McCarthy, A., Ashworth, A, de Leng, W.W., Offerhaus, G.J., Resta, N., Dale, T. and Clarke, A.R. (2012): Intestinal renin-angiotensin system is stimulated after deletion of Lkb1. Gut 61, 202-13.

Braun, S., Humphreys, C. and Dale, T.C. (2012): Evolutionary routes from a prebiotic ANA-world. Commun Integr Biol. 1;5(2):199-202.

Jardé T and Dale T. (2012). Wnt signalling in murine postnatal mammary gland development. Acta Physiol (Oxf). 2012 Jan; 204 (1):118-27.

Perrins, R.D., Orchard, C., Zavodszky, M., Kasry, A., Nikolaev, N., Harwood, A., Borri, P. and Dale, T. (2011). Doing more with less: a method for low total mass, affinity measurement using variable-length nanotethers. Anal Chem. 83(23), 8900-5.  Epub 2011 Nov 8

Braun, S., Humphreys, C., Fraser, E., Brancale, A., Bochtler, M. and Dale, T.C. (2011). Amyloid-Associated Nucleic Acid Hybridisation. PLoS One 6 (5): e19125 ( e-published )

Ewan, K., Pajak, B., Stubbs, M., Todd, H., Barbeau, O., Quevadao, C., Botfield, H., Young, R., Ruddle, R., Samuel, L., Battersby, A., Raynaud, F., Allen, N., Wilson, S., Latinkic, B., Workman, P., McDonald, E., Blagg, J., Aherne, W. and Dale, T. (2010). A Useful Approach to Identify Novel Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Wnt-Dependent Transcription. Cancer Research 70 (14), 5963-5973. 

Kasry, A., Borri, P., Davies, P.R., Harwood, A., Thomas, N., Lofas, S., and Dale, T.C. (2009). Comparison of methods for generating planar DNA-modified surfaces for hybridisation studies. Applied Materials and Interfaces 1, 1793–1798. 

Ewan KB, Dale TC. (2008). The potential for targeting oncogenic WNT/beta-catenin signaling in therapy. Curr Drug Targets. 9(7):532-47. 

Phesse, T.J., Parry, L., Reed, K.R., Ewan, K.B., Dale, T.C., Sansom, O.J., and Clarke, A.R. (2008). Deficiency of Mbd2 Attenuates Wnt signalling. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 19 6094-103

Oosterveeen, T., Coudreuse, D., Yang, P-T., Fraser, E., Bergsma, J., Dale T. C., Korswagen, H. C.  (2007) Two functionally distinct Axin-like proteins regulate canonical Wnt signalling in C. Elegans. Dev. Biol. 308 (2) 438-48.

Dale, T. (2006) Protein and nucleic acid together: a mechanism for the emergence of biological selection. J. Theor. Biol. 240 (3) 337-342

Jonker J.W., Freeman, J.,  Bolscher, E., Alvi, A., Titley, I., Schinkel, A.H., and Trevor C. Dale (2005) Bcrp1 and Mdr1a/1b are required for the side population phenotype in the mammary gland Stem Cells 23 (8) 1059-65

Smalley, M.J., Signoret, N., Ewan, K., Robertson, D., Tilley, Al, Paterson, H. Ding, Y. and Dale, T.C. (2005) Dishevelled (Dvl-2) activates canonical signalling in the absence of cytoplamic puncta. J. Cell Sci. 118 (22) 5279-89

Dale, T. (2005) Protein and nucleic acid together: a mechanism for the emergence of biological selection. J. Theor. Biol. 240 (3) 337-342

 Dajani, R. Fraser, E.Roe, S., Yeo, M., Good, V.M., Thompson, V., Dale, T. C., and Pearl, L. H.  (2003) Structural basis for recruitment of glycogen synthase kinase 3beta to the axin-APC scaffold complex. EMBO J, 22:494-501.

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Dajani, R., Roe, S. M., Sara, E., Young, N., Good, V., Dale, T. C.,  and Pearl, L.H. (2001) Crystal Structure of Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3b : Structural basis for phosphate-primed substrate specificity. Cell 105 (6) 711-720.

Naylor, S., Smalley, M. J., Robertson, D., Gusterson, B. A., Edwards, P. A. W., and Dale, T. C. (2000). Retroviral expression of Wnt-1 and Wnt-7b produces different effects in mouse mammary epithelium. J. Cell Sci. 113, 2129-2138.

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