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Dr Joanne Cable  -  PhD

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Selected Publications

Hockley FA, Wilson CAME, Brew A, Cable J (2013) Fish responses to flow velocity and turbulence in relation to size, sex and parasite load. Royal Society Interface in press.

Richards EL, Alexander LG, Snellgrove D, Thomas RJ, Marples NM, Cable J (2013) Variation in the expression of dietary conservatism within and between fish species. Animal Behaviour in press.

Rumsey J, Cable J, Harwood J, Guschina I and Lello J (2013) Endemic infection reduces transmission potential of an epidemic parasite during co-infection. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Biological Sciences 280: 20131500.

Cable J, Archard GA, Mohammed RS, McMullan M, Stephenson JF, Hansen H and van Oosterhout C (2013) Can parasites use predators to spread between primary hosts? Parasitology 140: 1138-1143.

Williams CF, Millet COM, Cable J, Hayes A, Lloyd D. (2013) Diversity in mitochondria-derived organelles of the parasitic diplomonads Spironucleus and Giardia. Trends in Parasitology 29: 311-312.

Sherrard-Smith E, Chadwick EAand Cable J (2012) Abiotic and biotic factors influence tick population dynamics on a mammalian host. PloS OnE 7(10):e47131.

Schelkle B, Faria P, Johnson M, van Oosterhout C and Cable J (2012) Mixed infections and hybridisation in monogenean parasites. PLOS One 7(7): e39506.

Cable J (2011) Poeciliid Parasites. In: Ecology & Evolution of Poeciliid Fishes. (Eds) J.P. Evans, A. Pilastro and I. Schlupp. Chicago University Press, pp.82-94.

Croft DP, Edenbrow M, Darden SK, Ramnarine IW, van Oosterhout C and Cable J (2011) Effect of gyrodactylid ectoparasites on host behaviour and social network structure in guppies Poecilia reticulata. Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology 65: 2219-2227.

Ellison A, Cable J and Consuegra S (2011) Best of both worlds? Outcrossing increases parasite resistance in a mixed-mating fish. Evolution 65: 3021-3026.

Millet COM, Lloyd D, Coogan M, Rumsey J and Cable J (2011) Carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism of the diplomonad parasite Spironucleus vortens. Experimental Parasitology 129: 17-26.

Viney M and Cable J (2011) Macroparasite life-histories. Current Biology 21: R767-R774.

Richards EL, van Oosterhout and Cable J (2010) Sex-specific differences in shoaling affect the rate of parasite transmission in guppies. PLOS One 5(10): e13285.

Faria P, van Oosterhout C and Cable J (2010) Optimal release strategies for captive-bred animals in reintroduction programs: the effects of prior parasite exposure and release protocol on host survival and infection rates. Biology Conservation 143: 35-41.