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Prof Vladimir Buchman  -  MD PhD

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Selected Publications

Shelkovnikova TA, Peters OM, Deykin AV, Connor-Robson N, Robinson H, Ustiugov AA, Bachurin SO, Ermolkevich TG, Goldman IL, Sadchikova ER, Kovrazhkina EA, Skvortsova VI, Ling S, Da Cruz S, Parone PA, Buchman VL and Ninkina NN (2013) Fused in sarcoma (FUS) protein lacking nuclear localization signal (NLS) and major RNA binding motifs triggers proteinopathy and severe motor phenotype in transgenic mice. Journal of Biological Chemistry 288:25266-25274 (selected as a Paper of the Week). 

Buchman VL, Cooper-Knock J, Connor-Robson N, Higginbottom A, Kirby J, Razinskaya OD, Ninkina N and Shaw PJ (2013) Simultaneous and independent detection of C9ORF72 alleles with low and high number of GGGGCC repeats using an optimised protocol of Southern blot hybridisation. Molecular Neurodegeneration 8:12.

Millership S, Ninkina N, Guschina I, Norton J, Brambilla R, Oort P, Adams S, Dennis RJ, Voshol P, Rochford JJ and Buchman VL (2012) Increased lipolysis and altered lipid homeostasis protect γ-synuclein null mutant mice from diet-induced obesity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 109:20943-20948.

Ninkina N, Peters O, Connor-Robson N, Lytkina O, Sharfeddin E and Buchman VL (2012) Contrasting effects of 'alpha'-synuclein and 'gamma'-synuclein on the phenotype of Cysteine String Protein alpha (CSP 'alpha') null mutant mice suggest distinct function of these proteins in neuronal synapses. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 287:44471-44477.

Peters O, Millership SJ, Shelkovnikova TA, Soto I, Keeling L, Hann A, Marsh-Armstrong N, Buchman VL and Ninkina N (2012) Selective pattern of motor system damage in gamma-synuclein transgenic mice mirrors the respective pathology in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Neurobiology of Disease, 48:124-131.

Anwar S, Peters O, Millership S, Ninkina N, Doig N, Connor-Robson N, Threlfell S, Kooner G, Deacon RM, Bannerman DM, Bolam JP, Chandra SS, Cragg SJ, Wade-Martins R and Buchman VL (2011) Functional alterations to the nigrostriatal system in mice lacking all three members of the synuclein family. Journal of Neuroscience, 31:7264-7274. 

Greten-Harrison B, Polydoro M, Tomita MM, Diao L,Williams AM, Nie EH, Tian N, Castillo PE, Buchman VL and Chandra S (2010) 'Alpha'/'beta'/'gamma'-Synuclein triple knockout mice reveal age-dependent neuronal dysfunction. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 107:19573-19578.

Burré J, Sharma M, Tsetsenis T, Buchman V, Etherton M and Südhof TC (2010) 'Alpha'-synuclein promotes SNARE-complex assembly in vitro and in vivo. Science 329:1663-1667.

Al-Wandi A, Ninkina N, Millership S, Williamson SJM, Jones PA and Buchman VL (2010) Absence of 'alpha'-synuclein affects dopamine metabolism and synaptic markers in the striatum of aging mice. Neurobiology of Aging 31:796–804.

Ninkina N, Peters O, Millership S, Salem H, van der Putten H, and Buchman VL (2009) 'gamma'-synucleinopathy - neurodegeneration associated with overexpression of the mouse protein. Human Molecular Genetics, 18:1779-1794.