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Miss Bettina Schelkle 

I did my first degree at Cardiff University initially working on fungi during a summer studentship 2007/08 investigating “The production of volatile organic compounds during interspecific fungal interactions” under the supervision of Lynne Boddy. I continued in this research field for my final year project, examining “Resource capture by foraging mycelial systems of Hypholoma fasciculare”. However, during a second year field course on Tropical Marine Ecology to Trinidad and Tobago I became interested in parasites after talking to my current PhD supervisors Jo Cable and Cock van Oosterhout. They introduced me to their collaborative research on the guppy-gyrodactylid host-parasite system and in the continuing months I followed the work of a close friend, who was supervised by Jo Cable, as she tested different herbal compounds using the model system Gyrodactylus turnbulli infecting the guppy. This turned out to be a preliminary study for my PhD project, funded by the BBSRC under a CASE studentship in collaboration with WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition. I started this PhD in October 2009 entitled “Behavioural, environmental and transmission implications of botanical treatments on gyrodactylid infections”.