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Miss Mafalda Silva Pinto Basto 

I did my first degree in Biology at Lisbon University and my MSc degree in Conservation Biology at Évora University (Portugal). In my final year project I studied the “Abundance, distribution and patterns of habitat selection of the Wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus L. 1758) in the Northeast Algarve”. For my MSc thesis I developed a project concerning the “Use of small and medium-sized water reservoirs by otters in a Mediterranean Ecosystem of Southern Portugal”. 

I have worked for 5 years as a Scientific and Environmental Education Technician in a Non Governmental Organization (CEAI) in Southern Portugal; I also worked as a field researcher for different Environmental Institutions and for a 2 years period I had a research fellowship in the Faculty of Sciences (Lisbon University) in the project: “Riparian Galleries as corridors and linkage habitats in the fragmented landscape of southern Portugal: Applications to Conservation planning”. 

In November 2007 I started my PhD on “Landscape genetics of stone martens and red foxes in cork-oak fragmented forests in southern Iberia: a tool for carnivore management and conservation” in the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon University and Cardiff University.