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Policy Matters

Cardiff University’s commitment to feedback

The majority of staff provide prompt feedback that students find valuable and useful. The University is, however, committed to improving practice in this area, to ensure that all students receive good quality feedback, and to help students understand how the feedback they receive can be used to improve their learning and performance. To support this, following extensive consultation with Schools and students, the University has adopted a Policy and Guidance document on Academic Feedback to Students.

Academic Feedback for Students – Guidance and Policy

The Policy sets out how students will receive more consistent feedback and defines the principles on which practice will be based, as well as the roles and responsibilities of students, staff and the University in this process.  

Local Policies on Academic Feedback

As well as the University Policy on feedback, many Schools are already successfully operating local policies on academic feedback, which relate specifically to the School or discipline. Alignment of local and University-wide policies is key to ensuring a shared understanding of academic feedback.

If you wish to share your School’s policy or for further advice and guidance on the Policy and Guidance on Academic Feedback please contact Andy Lloyd in Registry at

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