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Feedback at Cardiff

Cardiff University’s approach to enhancing academic feedback

Poor results from student surveys, including from the National Student Survey (NSS), on assessment and feedback, have shown a need for Universities to improve the academic feedback they provide to students. Cardiff University is committed to improving the satisfaction of its students but, more than that, recognises the value of feedback in improving the learning experience of students.

From consultation with academic schools, it is clear that there are already many examples of effective practice at a local level.  One of the Project’s aims is to ‘pool’ these practices so that schools can share these and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Of course, feedback is not just down to academic staff. Students play a vital part in recognising when they are receiving feedback and the various ways feedback is given. It is also important that students know what to do with this feedback once they have received it.

Feedback is about dialogue and the Assessment Matters project aims to promote a common understanding between academic staff and students on feedback through achievement of the following objectives:

The Project is being co-ordinated by a Working Group made up of staff and students from across the University. Members of the Working Group on feedback are:

The web pages on feedback will develop as work progresses. Keep checking this page for updates. If you have any further questions on or suggestions for this site, please contact Andy Lloyd, Project Manager

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