Academic staff

Wesley Aelbrecht

Wesley Aelbrecht

Lecturer in the History and Theory of Architecture

Caroline Almond

Mrs Caroline Almond


Eleni Ampatzi

Dr Eleni Ampatzi

Senior Lecturer   -  Currently on Research leave

Amalia Banteli

Ms Amalia Banteli


Clarice Bleil De Souza

Dr Clarice Bleil De Souza

Senior Lecturer

Sam Clark

Mr Sam Clark


Steve Coombs

Dr Steve Coombs

Director of Undergraduate Teaching | Year 5 chair

Michael Corr

Michael Corr

Lecturer in Architecture | Module Leader Design Year 3

Juliet Davis

Dr Juliet Davis


Wayne Forster

Professor Wayne Forster

Professor, Deputy Head of School

Ed Green

Dr Ed Green

Lecturer, Year 2 Chair

Julie Gwilliam

Dr Julie Gwilliam

Senior Lecturer

Adam Hardy

Professor Adam Hardy

Professor of Asian Architecture

Aseem Inam

Professor Aseem Inam

Chair in Urban Design

Wassim Jabi

Dr Wassim Jabi


Stephen Kite

Professor Stephen Kite


Ian Knight

Professor Ian Knight


Eshrar Latif

Dr Eshrar Latif


Sarah Lupton

Professor Sarah Lupton

Personal Chair, Course Director, PG Diploma

Mhairi McVicar

Dr Mhairi McVicar

Senior Lecturer and Director of Engagement

Marga Munar Bauza

Ms Marga Munar Bauza


Sarah O’Dwyer

Mrs Sarah O’Dwyer

MSc Lecturer

Sergio Pineda

Mr Sergio Pineda

Senior Lecturer | Year 1 Chair

Wouter Poortinga

Professor Wouter Poortinga


Oriel Prizeman

Dr Oriel Prizeman


Shibu Raman

Dr Shibu Raman

Lecture in Architecture and Urban Design

Andrew Roberts

Dr Andrew Roberts

College Dean for Education and Students.

Angela Ruiz del Portal Sanz

Ms Angela Ruiz del Portal Sanz

Sustainable Design Teacher

Peter Salter

Professor Peter Salter

Professor of Architectural Design

A. Benjamin Spaeth

Dr A. Benjamin Spaeth

Lecturer, Director of Learning and Teaching

Vicki Stevenson

Dr Vicki Stevenson

Lecturer, Director of Health, Safety and Environment

Chris Tweed

Professor Chris Tweed

Head of School / Chair in Sustainable Design

Christopher Whitman

Mr Christopher Whitman


Kathryn Wilkinson

Dr Kathryn Wilkinson


Federico Wulff

Dr Federico Wulff

Lecturer of Architecture and Urban Design; MA AD Course Director