Key Contacts

Head of School
Chris Tweed

Professor Chris Tweed

Head of School / Chair in Sustainable Design

School Managers
Annie Golledge

Mrs Annie Golledge

School Manager

Fran Simpson

Ms Fran Simpson

School Manager

Architecture reception
Jan O’Brien

Ms Jan O’Brien

General Assistant / Architecture Receptionist

Jen Sutton

Ms Jen Sutton

School Receptionist

Teaching Executive Officer
Rosalie Terpstra

Ms Rosalie Terpstra

Teaching Executive Officer

BSc/MArch Admissions
Anwen Cook

Mrs Anwen Cook

Recruitment and Admissions Officer   -  Currently on None

Taught Master Degree Admissions
Christine Heywood

Miss Christine Heywood

Postgraduate Officer

Research Degree Admissions
Katrina Lewis

Miss Katrina Lewis

Research Executive Officer

WSA Disability Contact for Students

Tel +44 (0)29 2087 4430