Summer Term 2012 Vertical Studio BSc 1+2

Have you seen the horizon lately?
Alex Scott-Whitby Studio AR

The skylines and horizons of our cities and landscapes are constantly changing. Be it due to manmade or natural interventions. No view or snap shot of a far off vista will ever be truly the same the next time you look at it. The studio will study, engage with, propose, and finally make a series temporary additions to the horizon of the Pembrokeshire Coast national park.

In the first week the studio will be based in Cardiff researching and mapping the cities skyline, and horizon. We will ask the students to use their ingenuity to find ways of gaining access to spaces and places where they may be able to get a new view or snapshot.

We will end the studio by a period of immersion within one of Wales’s most stunning landscapes, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Here we will study and learn from a series of local craftsman and builders about the nature of making interventions in this landscape. The students will camp within this landscape and after their experiences of mapping the cities skylines will create a new settlement of their own dwellings nestled within the horizon creating their own mini skyline, within the horizon.

Vertical Studio