Summer Term 2012 Vertical Studio BSc 1+2

Digital Facades
Nick Humes

This brief is derived from experience in previous studio projects which successfully used light to explore aspects of architecture and is a topic which is not normally considered. This project requires the student to select a site and to propose a new 'digital façade'. The students will be encouraged to consider the implications of their work and will be engaged in discussion past 'lighting schemes' towards using 3D projection as medium to express opinions on current issues, present information, and to explore and create as sophisticated critique of the context.

Following a detailed survey of the building, the study of the context and the experimental use of 'light and digital facades' the project aims to create a deeper consideration of architecture. The affect of light, shadow and texture on the composition is to be considered in tandem with the social effects. The project aims to review the architectural features of a building including the surfaces and spaces created. Innovative methods and tools are used in a way which explores architecture outside the 'studio' and results in outputs at a 'whole building' scale.

Vertical Studio