Summer Term 2012 Vertical Studio BSc 1+2

Big Span
Tim Offer & Andy Humphreys

We want to explore ideas of movement and rest, rhythm and pause, threshold and dwelling. We want to explore these ideas through making - at 1:1. We will do this by appropriating space within the confines of a simple enclosure generated from simple and repetitive elements brought together in a poetic and meaningful way.

The designs will be influenced by multiple parameters and a solution that carefully integrates and weaves its way between these factors will be sought. No computers will be used, and very few drawings. we will be working through models and prototypes, at 1:10 and 1:1.

In order to focus on the programmatic and spatial aspects of the exercise we will limit the material and technical nature of the problem. We will use only a single small section timber and self-tapping woodscrews to create our enclosure.

The aim is to observe and understand the link between the general and the specific, from analysis to detail. Rather than technology being imposed upon an architectural proposition, we aim to demonstrate that in a poetic work detailed strategies should reside throughout the process.

Vertical Studio