Summer Term 2010 Vertical Studio BSc 1+2
Vertical Studio

2010 Vertical Studio Schedule

Click here to download pdf version of Studio Schedule

Please find below the 2010 Vertical Studio Schedule for your diaries. This information will also be available on our website very shortly.

29.09.09 Internal Call for Proposals
12.10.09 External Call for Proposals
05.12.09 Deadline for Questions
Questions may be addressed to Sam Clark ( and Sergio Pineda ( before 5 December 2009.

Deadline for Proposals
Outline proposals should be submitted on one A4 sheet along with a CV to Susan Morgans ( Proposals should consider:

•Brief description of what the workshop is about
• Aims, Objectives, Deliverables
• Programme for the project period
• Bibliography

18.01.10 Studio Options Confirmed
There will also be a call for 2 (jpeg) images related to the workshop to be uploaded onto the school website. This information will also be used to produce a poster to announce the vertical studio to the students.
01.03.10 Submit Power Point Presentation for Launch Event
See below
08.03.10 Launch Event
Time & Venue: TBC
Studio Options Presented to the students.
Each leader will explain his/her proposal in 4 minutes supported by a Power Point Presentation (PPP) with a max. of 4 slides. Please issue the PPP by 01.03.10 to Susan Morgans ( Unit leaders that are not able to attend should inform Sam and/or Sergio to present on your behalf.
Week 1 26.04.10 Vertical Studio Starts
Venues: TBC
All studio units will start this day. We are asking unit leaders to present the brief and start working with the students on this day.
Week 2 03.05.10 – 07.05.10 Students will be working on this project for three weeks without any other commitments. Thus students should be available any day of the week and can spend all their time working on the Vertical Studio.
Week 3 10.05.10 – 15.05.10 Unit leaders are expected to choose one teaching day per week (the day you will meet with your students). Leaders should notify Sam which day/s you are going to be in the school. Sam will book a suitable teaching space where you can meet with the students, carry out tutorials, presentations and work during the day.
Week 418/19.05.10 TBC Final Reviews
Unit leaders will be asked to attend reviews. Details TBC

All the 2008/2009 Vertical Studio information is available on the school website:

This website has e-copies of all the abstracts, pictures and briefs submitted for last year’s proposals. Perhaps you would like to visit this website for suggestions on how to write your brief and/or abstract.

Please do not hesitate to contact Sam if you have any queries, comments or suggestions.


Sam Clark and Sergio Pineda
2010 VS Co-ordinators