Summer Term 2009 Vertical Studio BSc 1+2
Vertical Studio

Call for proposals for the vertical studio has now finished

Selected proposals will be announced on the 26th of January 2009.

After the success of last year, “Vertical Studio” proposals are invited for potential options from all teaching and research staff (full and part-time).

The objective of the Summer Term is to broaden students’ experience in research and design. A wide range of options is being sought, drawn from research, practice and other interests, so as to reflect the expertise and enthusiasms of the WSA community.

The learning outcomes are intentionally broad and require students to:

  • Engage critically with an aspect of research in the field of architectural studies, and to understand this in relation to the wider context of architectural design, practice and research;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of architecture as an integrated discipline that utilises a broad range of research approaches in order to respond to the many questions raised by the discipline and its practice;
  • Represent and communicate the results of their work in appropriate forms: hand drawing; digital or physical modelling; fabrication; tabulation; visual, written and oral communication etc.

There are currently 163 students in BSc1 and 2, so at least fourteen options are needed to enable each option leader to work with a maximum of twelve students. Preferably each studio will be run by one person and the projects will run for three weeks starting 28.IV.08, and will involve one scheduled day of teaching in each week; two further days will be required for final reviews and feedback, and option leaders should also allow time for preparation of their brief.

The following criteria will be taken into account to select the proposals:

  • Involving experimentation and exploration
  • Links to research within and without WSA
  • Feasibility of the proposal in terms of time management
  • Consideration of extra-budget for materials, travelling, workshops and so on

Consideration of applying for funding (contact Marga Bauza for advice,

This year, based on last year’s excellent results, we would like to formalise the outcomes as follows:

  • Digital publication of the Vertical Studio on the WSA website
  • Publication in MADE of a paper reflecting upon the outcomes of the proposals
  • A selection of the presented work for the Vertical Studio will be exhibited in the WSA annual exhibition

Options will be introduced at an event in Birt Acres on the 09.III.08, for which each option leader will need to prepare a five-minute (max) PowerPoint presentation. Initially, please submit outline proposals (on one sheet of A4) to Anwen Cook ( by Monday 1 December.

A meeting will be arranged later that month to discuss and finalise the programme.


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Marga Bauza, main co-ordinator,
Dr. Cristian Suau, co-ordinator,

Dr. Stephen Kite
Richard Weston
Marga Bauza
Dr. Cristian Suau