Summer Term 2009 Vertical Studio BSc 1+2
Vertical Studio

Dear colleagues,

WSA Vertical Studio is is going to be very exciting with many interesting and original proposals to challenge the students, allowing them to work on different proposals.

We need to make sure that you know how things are going to work so you can organise your diaries.

Therefore we have put together the following schedule stating what is going to happen from now to the end of the Vertical Studio. This information will be available on our website very shortly.

If you wish to see previous Vertical Studio 2008, please visit the following school website:

This link has e-copies of abstracts, pictures and briefs submitted for last year’s proposals and might guide you in your brief’s elaboration.



Worskshop Abstract & Full Brief

Submit the abstract of the workshop (no more than 200 words) and 2 images in jpg format related to the workshop to be uploaded into the school website. This information will also be used to produce a poster to announce the Vertical Studio (VT) to the BSc 1 & 2 students.

Submit the brief containing the following:

  1. Brief description of what is the workshop about.
  2. Aims and Objectives.
  3. Deliverables.
  4. Programme for the three week project period.
  5. Bibliography.
  6. Contact details


Launch Vertical Studio
Venue: Birt Acres. Time: 17.30

Present the different Workshops to the BSc 1 & 2 Students.
It would be great if leaders based in Cardiff and surrounding areas could attend this event to present your own proposal. If you are not able attend the event someone of the VT team will present your proposal to the students.

Each leader will explain his/her proposal in 4 minutes supported digitally by a PowerPoint Presentation with a maximum of 4 slides.

Please issue your digital presentation by 07.03.09 to:


Start of Vertical Studio
Venues: Lecture rooms, studios or any other suitable spaces

We are asking you to present the brief and start working with the students on this day


Two teaching weeks

The remaining two teaching weeks commencing on the 05.05 and 12.05 you can choose the teaching day (the day you will meet with your students). You just need to notify Marga which day/s you are going to be in the school. She will book suitable teaching space where you can meet with your students, carry out tutorials, presentations and the like during tutorial days.

All the workshops will start this day and you must attend this day. The rest of your VS tutorial dates yiou can schedule them freely. Do not forget to provide your final schedule in your brief. We strongly advise you to decide as soon as possible when you are going to meet your students so you can book your train tickets.

Remember that the students will be working on this project for three weeks and they won’t have any other commitments. Thus students should be available any day of the week and can spend all their time working on the Vertical Studio.


Final Reviews

You will be asked to attend one of the two day reviews.

Please let Marga know if you have a preference day and she will organise the reviews taking into consideration your commitments.

If you have any question, comments or suggestions; do not hesitate to contact Marga or Cristian.

Best regards,

Marga Bauza
Cristian Suau
Vertical Studio co-ordinators

Aproved Proposals





Meta-Design Tools

Hannah Jones



Dr. Cristian Suau Ibanez & Carmello Zappulla,


Point and Line to Plane

Swan Hung Hotz


2020 Vision

Chris Owen


White Ghost

Prof. Peter Salter


Urban Corners

Marga Munar & Elvira Marina,


Hemp/lime construction

Sylvia Harris & Dave Lee


Learning from Llantrisant Street

Dr. Adam Sharr & Chris Wilkins


Transformative Organisation

Peter Feldmann & Sarah Manning


Light, Space and Landscape

Stephanie Tunka & Joanna Irander


Obsessive Interiors

Dr. Stephen Kite


Book building for Beginners

Richard Powell


Territory Roadside

Kevin Hong


Black Mountain

Adrian Cook



Dr. Wayne Fosters & Laura Thomas


Digital Tectonics

Dr. Wassim Jabi


Outdoor Learning

Keval Patel, Nicola James & Lee Griffiths