Welsh School of Architecture staff

Charlotte Grey

Research Assistant
Charlotte Grey
Research Group Architectural Science Group
Address Bute Building,
King Edward VII Avenue
CF10 3NB
Email GreyC2@cardiff.ac.uk
Telephone 029 2087 9101
Research activities

I am currently involved in a project to evaluate the health impacts of large-scale Strategic Energy Performance Investments. The investments aim to alleviate fuel poverty by retrofitting energy-efficiency measures into homes in low-income areas across Wales. My research areas are: to determine the impact of fuel poverty on the prevalence of key physical and mental health outcomes, and to identify the social and economic processes involved in health improvements resulting from the retrofit measures.

Research interests

I have a PhD from Imperial College for my research on household pesticides in the UK: use, risk perception and policy implications. This was a multidisciplinary study that aimed to identify and explore the extent of pesticide use in the home by families with children, and social aspects involved in pesticide use. Data was collected through face-to-face in-depth interviews with subjects within the ALSPAC cohort in Bristol. Research areas included risk perception, behaviour assessment, exposure assessment, epidemiological impacts, policy analysis, toxicology and risk assessment, and sustainable use of pesticides.

I have a background in biology and environmental technology, and have worked in the fields of environmental policy, environmental epidemiology, and public health. My interest lies in assessing the health impacts in adults and children from exposure to indoor and outdoor environmental stressors. I have been involved in health risk assessments of: industrial and waste processes; environmental contamination of land, water and air; large-scale chemical incidents; indoor and outdoor exposure assessment; and communicating risk.