Welsh School of Architecture

The Research Community

Research is a big part of what we do. It leads to new understandings that are important in their own right, but also inform teaching and create impact in the outside world. Research is carried out by permanent staff, funded researchers and research students. The School collaborates across the University, with other universities, and with industry.

The School has three major research groupings:

Architectural History and Theory Group

This Group has an international reputation for its diverse research covering Theory and Practice, Critical Practice, Mechanisms of Practice and Cultural Practice. A major focus in all of these areas is 20th-century architecture and urban design. 'World Architecture' is an important theme and the AHTG includes the PRASADA (Practice, Research and Advancement in South Asian Design and Architecture) Centre.

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Architectural Science Group

For more than 30 years, the Architectural Science Group has conducted research on energy efficiency, environmental design and sustainability, developing a body of research methods and tools, including computer models, an environmental laboratory and building performance evaluation and social survey procedures. The Group's work may be categorised into three main themes: research on energy and environmental performance of buildings and systems; sustainability at an urban scale; resource use and management.

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Design Practice Research Group

The Design Practice Research Group conducts research through the act of design or study of practice. Members of this group undertake work which may be practice-based — demonstrated through creative outcomes in the form of buildings, designs, artefacts, drawings, digital design techniques etc. — or practice-led leading to new knowledge with operational or professional significance for practice, such as studies in project management, building law and architectural education.

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Current research projects