Programme Structure

The common scheme structure for the three MSc programmes is shown in the diagram below.  Weeks are numbered in this diagram from the week after the week in which you enrol (October usually begins in week 1). 

In common with most taught masters programmes in the UK, there are two stages, a taught stage and a dissertation stage.  The taught stage occupies students in the first two thirds of the session until June.

programme structure
There are three parallel streams running through the taught stage, in each of which teaching is delivered in a sequence of modules one module at a time. The individual modules are not shown in the diagram.  They are of two types: teaching modules in which taught content is delivered (as their name suggests), and project modules in which students apply what they have learned in the teaching modules.  

All three courses share some fundamental skills, and a certain amount of background material to do with the environment and its sustainable management.  This is delivered in core modules in the part of the taught stage coloured blue in the diagram, which are attended by students from all three courses.  All the core modules are teaching modules, and each is worth 10 credits, adding up to 60 credits for the core as a whole. 

Tuition particular to each course, giving it its individual focus, is delivered in specialist modules in the part of the taught stage coloured yellow in the diagram.  The sequence and size of the specialist modules varies between courses, but they are together worth another 60 credits.  They include teaching modules together worth 20 credits, and project modules together worth 40 credits.  Specialist project modules demonstrates how to interpret the core knowledge in the pursuit of specialist ambitions. Specialist teaching modules build on the fundamentals introduced in the core modules and open the door for specialist research in the dissertation stage (coloured green).

Contact time with teaching staff for local students in the taught stage is one half-day per week for each teaching module. For the project modules, participation in group seminars and presentations may take longer than a half-day a week, but can be limited to that in most weeks for part-time students. 

There is an induction programme at the opening of the programme shown in grey. There is some overlap between induction and teaching in week 2. 

If you would like to know the full-time and part-time routes that students can take through this structure, move on to Programme Pathways.  Otherwise, return to MSc Degrees Suite main page.