Programme Pathways

There are several pathways available for local students to take through this framework.  They all begin with induction and end with the dissertation, the differences being principally in the pathway through Stage One. The options for Stage One are shown in the diagram below.  The 3-year option is the one available to distance students in Environmental Design of Buildings. The three streams and their make-up were described in the section on Programme Structure.

Full-time students study the full programme in one year, taking all three streams in parallel through Stage One. 

Part-time students attend the same lectures as full-time students, take the same project work, and so on.  However, for them streams are separated into concurrent years.  There are three basic patterns, as illustrated below.  In the 2-year 2:1 pathway, the streams with the core modules are taken in the first year and 3rd stream in the second year.  This is the most straightforward pathway in terms of the pedagogic sequence, because the specialist modules are taken after the core material has been absorbed.  In the 2-year 1:2 pathway, one core stream is taken in the first year and the other is taken in the second year alongside the specialist stream, whilst in the 3-year pathway, the specialist stream is reserved for a third year.  The advantage of these last two pathways is that students are able to gauge the impact of their studies on their main job in the first year, and make a more informed choice thereafter about how to take the remaining years.  The disadvantage is that the taught content may not be delivered in the most appropriate sequence, although an attempt is made to take this into account in the design of modules. 

project pathways

The diagram shows the notional scheme for part-time pathways.  The actual pathways for each programme are as follows:

  • MSc in Environmental Design of Buildings:  exactly as shown; each stream is worth 40 credits. 
  • MSc in Building Energy and Environmental Performance Modelling: also exactly as shown; each stream is worth 40 credits. There is no distance option in this course.
  • MSc in Theory and Practice of Sustainable Design: as shown, except that stream 2 has only 30 credits, and stream 3 has 50.   There is no distance option in this course.

The half-day lecture periods in streams 1 and 2 will be held in the morning and afternoon of the same day each week.  Students taking the 2-year 1:2 pathway should allow for a half day of attendance on two different days each week. 
The 3-year pathway will be the main pattern for distance students as well, and its synchronicity with local pathways offers potential for interaction. 
Whichever pathway is chosen, Stage Two follows the last year of Stage One. This ends with the submission of a written dissertation, at the end of week 50 for full-time students or week 64 for part-time and distance students.  

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