Welsh School of Architecture

Jacob Hotz-Hung

Architecture is not a product; it is an attitude towards the meaning of life.
The truth and the potential of architecture and its understanding lie in its abstraction.
Built architecture is the spatial experience of our collective mind in time, therefore in contradiction and so a piece of art.

Research interests centre on the development of novel or unconventional technologies in building construction through innovative design in order to challenge our perception…

Jacob Hotz-Hung is a lecturer at the WSA (third year chair) with interests in design and technology. He trained at the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and the Architectural Association London. He is a registered architect in Switzerland and UK, with substantial practice experience. He is a member of the Board of Directors at Theo Hotz Architects in Zurich. In 2002 Theo Hotz and Jacob Hotz were awarded by the City of Zurich ("Auszeichnung fuer gutes Bauen der Stadt Zuerich, 1995-2001") for the housing project Baeckerstrasse 51in 8004 Zurich.

Novel technologies

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