Tianjin Cardiff Summer SchoolTianjin – Cardiff Summer School 2008
Date: 29th June – 4th July 2008

Arrivals In Cardiff :
Developing A Sustainable Hub For Cardiff And Wales

Cardiff has been developing a whole new range of activities and events in recent years and its local economy is increasingly enjoying benefits from the tourism sector.

The project is looking at the experience of people arriving to Cardiff for the first time. You can currently reach the city from the port by cruise line, from Roose Airport by plane and from the Station by train. These sites and the corridors linking them will constitute the object of the study.

Students from the Welsh School of Architecture, City and Regional Planning, Cardiff University together with students from the school of Architecture. Tianjin University will work together in small groups for the project.

There will be a prize for the winning team and all students participating will receive a certificate of attendance.

Cardiff students may like to consider how this work may form part of their dissertation.

Students will work at two scales:
1) At city scale groups will have to: develop a vision for the corridors and the city as a whole, thinking about current economic changes, endogenous opportunities and emerging lifestyles;

2) At local scale they will have to: choose and carefully consider one corridor and/or a specific site along this; and develop a master plan with ideas for innovative uses, morphologies and economies in disused, underused and/or friction areas.

We are looking for interested, enthusiastic and creative students willing to share their ideas with colleagues and representatives from Cardiff Council.

Any enquiries, please contact:

Yan Wang (ARCHI)


Dr Francesca Sartorio (Cardiff School of Planning and Geography)