SAWSA eco ballSAWSA eco ball
[April 2009]

Date: 28-04-09
Sophia Gardens (click here for map of location)
green tie dress code

This years Ball Is set to be the best ever! The aim is to show that ‘thinking sustainably’ can enhance the students designs rather than hinder them and, to prove that this truth can be paralleled with our everyday lives: i.e. an Eco Ball with its great food, wine, music and fun is the most enjoyable of events, and it’s Eco-Friendly at the same time!

The event is being covered by the AJ and there will be a film crew making a documentary about the Eco Ball (looking at the event as a new way of raising awareness).

Highlights of the event...

  • Seasonal locally sourced cuisine
  • Band will be 'Somethingsimple' hybrid funk brew.
  • Speacil guests Jane Davidson (Minister for the Evnironment and Sustainablity), Bill Dunster (ZED Factory) and Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs).

Ethos: responsibility to design sustainably, bio-fuel powered, bicycle powered sounds system, eco activities.

visit eco ball flash site and book tickets online!