Committed to achieving continual environmental improvements.

The WSA is participating in the University Environmental Management System pilot project.  The University is committed to achieving the Environmental Management standard ISO 14001 and the School has agreed to participate in the early stage pilot.  The work has involved identifying key environmental impacts and the development of an action plan to tackle the key issues.  The School is now working towards achieving these actions; this work is being led by the School’s sustainability group and is supported by all staff.  The eco-champions present in the School also play a key role in achievement of the actions.  These representatives (both academic and administrative members of staff) cover differing issues related to their role and expertise, and are as follows:

Lara Hopkinson – responsible for overall management of the group and waste issues
Angela Langley – responsible for waste and energy / building related issues
Carole Creasey – responsible for facilities related issues
Allison Dutoit – responsible for incorporating the views of the student body
Huw Jenkins – acts as an alternate and is responsible for building related issues

Although the University pilot project is coming to an end, the School is committed to achieving continual environmental improvements.  This will assist the overall University aim of achieving ISO 14001.