L’Union Franco-Britannique des Architectes
The Franco-British Union of Architects

247 rue Saint Jacques Paris 75005
66 Portland Place London W1B 4AD


The Union was founded in 1921 with the aim of developing relations between French and British architects to the benefit of education and practice in both countries. Towards this end, and with the support of the Institut Français de Londres, the Union offers bursaries to help young architects or students of architecture in either country to extend their understanding of some aspect of architecture
in the other country. Bursaries alternate between the two countries in successive years.

Applicants must be British nationals under 30 years of age at the date of application, and either architects or students at a recognised UK school of architecture who will have passed RIBA Part I in 2010.  A bursary will not be split between two or more people.

One bursary of up to £1,500 will be awarded to a suitable British candidate in 2010. The bursary is intended to assist with travel, accommodation, subsistence, and incidental expenses, relevant to the bursar’s topic, and incurred within Britain or France.

A proportion of the Bursary will be paid on approval of the agreed programme and the signature of the Bursar to the contract under which the money is advanced, a further payment will be made on completion of the fieldwork, and the balance on submission of a satisfactory written report.

As part of the contract, the Bursary Committee reserves the right to ask the Bursar to make a presentation to the members of the Union, in which case an additional payment will be made to the Bursar to meet travel and related expenses.

Medical and other insurance will remain the responsibility of the Bursar, as the Union takes no responsibility for such matters. Prior to the award of a Bursary, the successful candidate must produce
a programme to be agreed with the Bursary Committee’s representative. If the Bursar fails to complete the agreed programme, any payments made from the Bursary shall be repaid to the Union in full within three months.

Applications should provide the following information (on not more than two A4 sheets), and should be accompanied by a CV:-

• A clear, concise summary of the proposed topic, and reasons for its choice. Projects should not be so ambitious that they cannot be completed in the time available, and proposals displaying original thought and uniqueness will take preference over general topics.
• Proposed method of study and presentation.
• Draft timetable, itinerary, and budget.

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed in London by members of the Bursary Committee and a decision announced as soon as possible thereafter.

Further information may be obtained from the following address, to which applications should also be sent, to arrive not later than 31st January 2010:-

Professor C H A MacCallum
11a Charlbury Road



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