Welsh School of Architecture

Diploma/MA in Professional Studies (Part 3)

Stage 1 Modules

The Construction Industry in the UK:

Enables the student to develop a critical understanding of factors which control the construction industry and the procurement and management of construction projects.

Construction Contract Law:

introduces the students to concepts of construction law and dispute resolution, examining in detail the standard forms of contract used in the construction industry, and appropriate methods for their administration and the management of related risks.

Project Management

examines methods of project planning, project management and quality control of construction projects of various sizes and forms from inception through to occupation. The aim is to equip the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage, within the context of architectural practice, a small to medium scale building project from inception through to completion.

Professional Services

Examines the role and status of the construction professional, including regulation of the profession, professional liability and professional indemnity insurance. It introduces the student to the range of professional services that the architectural profession offers, and the means of assessing and agreeing terms of engagement for a building project.

Practice Management

Explores methods of management of architectural practices of various sizes and forms, including the management of its financial and human resources, and the legislation related to these. The module will enable the student to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a small architectural practice, and contribute to the management of a larger architectural practice.

International Construction Procurement

Examines the construction industry in selected other countries, including the role and regulation of the architectural profession, methods of procurement and standard forms of contract. It also introduces the student to methods of procurement and managing of large scale international (i.e. cross-border) construction projects.

Diploma/MA in Professional Studies (Part 3)

Summary of knowledge and skills acquired

The scheme fosters the development of critical and independent judgement, and the ability to manage complex processes. It also develops a critical awareness of current problems in the field. Graduates will be able to:

  • explain how the legislative and economic control of the built environment and the construction industry affects development and the procurement of projects in the UK
  • explain the key methods of managing the design process, including the integration of the work of all members of the team
  • assess the architectural services required for a project, and propose appropriate terms of appointment and fee arrangements
  • evaluate and select the appropriate project procurement route for a variety of projects and the associated services required from members of the team
  • evaluate the key risks in construction contracts, and explain the role of indemnities and insurance in dealing with those risks.
  • make informed judgements when presented with complex and difficult contract administration problems, including the assessment of claims
  • propose appropriate management systems for varying sizes of architectural practice, including for the management of physical, financial and human resources
  • explain how international policies and treaties affect the procurement of construction projects in selected countries