MSc Degree Programmes Study Options

Stage One: Local students

There are two pathways available for local students to take the course. They all begin with induction and end with the dissertation, the differences being principally in the pathway through Stage One, the taught courses.

Full-time students study the full programme in one year, taking all three streams in parallel through Stage One. Typically attendance is required on 2 days per week. Part-time students attend the same lectures, workshops and crits and take the same project work as the full-time students. However, for them streams are separated into concurrent years, where the specialist project modules are taken in the second year after the core material has been studied and absorbed in the first year. Typically attendance is required on 1 day per week.

Stage One: Distance students

The 3-year option is the only available to distance students on the MSc Environmental Design of Buildings.

It is delivered in synch with the local pathways offering a variety of potential for interaction with local students.

Stage Two: All study options

Whichever pathway is chosen, Stage Two follows the last year of Stage One. This ends with the submission of a written dissertation.

For Full time students this is at the end of week 50 (October).
For part-time and distance students this is in week 64 (December).

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