wsa staff

Sarah McCormack
MSc Teaching Assistant

Luciano DeFaria

Research Group: Architectural Science Group



Supports and assists in the delivery and execution of the School's suite of three architectural masters courses and in the supervision of project work to guide students towards achieving project objectives.

Provides specific support to the staff and students involved in the distance learning version of the School's Environmental Design of Buildings course.

Leader of 'Environmental Design Practice Module' for distance learners, co-tutor for local students.
Co-tutor in the 'Sustainable Design Practice' project module.

Research Interests
  • Architecture as a contemporary reaction to site and place.
  • Human comfort
  • Sustainable building materials
  • Patterns of settlement; the relationship between urban and rural.
  • The use and incorporation of sustainable design practices and systems into all aspects of the built environment; from design through planning to construction.