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Afroditi Maria Konidari
Research Assistant (iSERV)

Afroditi Maria Konidari

Research Group: Architectural Science Group


Postal Address:
Welsh School of Architecture
Bute Building, King Edward VII Avenue
CF10 3NB

Telephone: 029 20875149
Fax: 029 20874623

To undertake the research and administration necessary to fulfil the WSA’s contractual obligations to the EU - IEE funded project “iSERV – Inspection of HVAC Systems through continuous monitoring and benchmarking”. The main objectives of this position are to:

  • Undertake the management and organisation of the project, the organisation of project meetings and workshops, and the implementation of procedures required to ensure accurate and timely reporting.
  • Support end users of the database in support of the project aims.
  • Liaise with project partners, support staff and end users.
  • Contribute to academic papers on the research undertaken and present research findings in relevant events.
  • Produce data and reports as required for the project.
  • Contribute to the preparation of dissemination and communications material.
  • Ensure that the aims of the project are met in the timescales given.

Research Interests
I am an Architect Engineer specialising in the areas of environmental design and sustainability. My research interests revolve around the relationship between environmental and architectural design, the morphological and aesthetical impact of implementing energy saving strategies and techniques on existing buildings during retrofit projects, the enrichment of architectural concept through incorporation of passive strategies into architectural design and the delivery of environmentally responsive architecture through design exploration.