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Jacob Hotz-Hung

Architectural Science Group


Hotz J - Landscape,Emotional Landscapes Birkhauser, Basel (2002) pp8-11 ISBN 3-7463-69884

Hotz J - Weiterbauen!,ArchitheseJune Verband Freierwerbender Schweizer Architekten (2002) p87 ISSN 1010-4809

Hotz J - (assistant) - Theo hotz architecture 1949-2002, Lars Muller Pubs (2003) ISBN 3-03778 002-0

Hotz J - An Appian Hall (competition), made WSA Pubs (2005) pp78-79 ISSN 1742-416X

Hotz J- Architectural Guide Zurich 1990-2005, Birkhauser Basel (2005) pp40-41 ISBN-10: 3-7643-7287-7

Hotz J - Atlas Architektur, Dumont Cologne (2007) pp414-421 ISBN 978-3-8321-7764-5

Activities (Departmental)

Year Chair
BSc convenor
Module leader architectural design 3
Contributor architectural technology
Member of the library group
Overseas exchanges


Member of the Swiss Federation of Independent Architects (fsai-Zurich)
Member of the Swiss Engineers and Architects Association (sia-Zurich)
Member of RIBA

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