Multimedia Integration

If you are experiencing difficulty in viewing the embedded files located in the portfolio sections of this website, then please use the following link to download the latest Flash plug-in for this feature.

Download Adobe Flash Player

You may need to re-boot your computer to allow the new plug-in to take effect. Additionally if you have a lot of files stored in your cache, deleting these files will help to increase the processing speed at which you are viewing pages. You can clear your cache by selecting 'Internet options' in your browsers tool bar.

Try moving the plug-in to your browsers plug-in folder

When installing the plug-in, it should automatically be stored in your browsers plug-in folder. If not, then copy the file into your browsers plug-in folder and restart your computer. Select 'My Computer', 'Program files', 'Internet Explorer' (for example), 'Plug-ins'.

Problems viewing pdf documents in Firefox

If you are having difficulty in viewing pdf documents using Mozilla Firefox then please use the following link to access the Adobe reader add-on for this application.

Download Firefox plug-in here

Browser upgrade

We would advise that you upgrade your browser to the latest version currently available to you, so that important updates that effect the way in which content is delivered to you, may be installed appropriately and will support any changes in browser development.

If you are still experiencing difficulty in viewing these sections of the website then please contact the school directly for more assistance.