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Spring Semester Design Project _Interim Crit 03/09

The spring semester briefs are all set in Venice. The students had the option to follow one of three briefs for their final project.

Final Project Briefs:

Brief 1: Centre for the Murano Glass Industry. Venice has a long history of artisanship in crafts such as glass making. The existing glass museum is housed in the fascinating Palazzo Giusiniani facing the canal. For this project the students are to imagine the Museum readdressing its role and facilities as the Murano Glass industry faces the challenges of this century to become a new centre for the industry.  This brief raises some particular design research questions especially around the themes of craft and new-and-old.
Brief 2:Floating Arts Centre. The task is to develop an architectural proposal for a floating arts centre for Venice in context. The whole floating structure can move and work in independent parts in order to penetrate the main canals and adapt to three specific sites within Murano and Venice.
Brief 3: Murano Clinic. The brief seeks to re-examine the nature of the interior and the role of the salon in contemporary architecture. It requires an exploration into the reciprocities between the qualities of darkness in a space like the Venetian Salon and research into the clinical benefits of light as a way of improving the wellbeing of patients. On the site the students have to propose a local clinic for the elderly as a respite centre together with a maternity unit. The two specialist centres are located together and form an important resource for the people of Murano.


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