Welsh School of Architecture

Enrolment at the WSA


Induction Week 2014/15

Induction at the Welsh School of Architecture
Undergraduate - BSc in Architectural Studies

Wednesday, 24th September
15:00 - 17:00 Introductory Talk,  -1.63 in the Glamorgan Building

Thursday, 25th September
14:30 - 16:30 English Support Tests, 2.28 in the Bute Building
(For all students who speak English as a second language)

The 8 week course of English Language Classes will then start from October 7th, first session to be held in the Green Room, Bute Building

Friday, 26th September
First day in Studio - Bute Building, 2nd Floor

Tuesday, 30th September
The Student Support Centre will be running workshops on Tuesday, 30th September at 13:00 in 0.13 in the Main Building. These sessions aim to help you develop the tools to manage your money before you run up debts, and to enable you to feel more confident about your financial position

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MSc, MPhil and PhD: Monday, 22nd September, 2nd floor Bute Building

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