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Carla De Laurentis

Architectural Science Group

Research project summaries
Dissemination and Networks of Knowledge in Atlantic Area (KNETWORKS), funded under the Atlantic Area Operational Programme aims to promote the exchange of good practices and implementation strategies for building and exploiting a 21st century knowledge and information society. 2010- April 2011

Rethinking Entrepreneurship (Rethe), funded under the Atlantic Area Transnational Cooperation Programme aimed at creating a network of organizations in the Atlantic Area that are involved in entrepreneurship promotion and at formulating a new entrepreneurial model that provides support services and tools for entrepreneurs and start-ups. 2009- April 2011

Green Innovation: is Wales Leading the Way in ‘Green’ Regional Innovation Systems? Economic Research Grant from the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) to study the Innovation System of Wales in the Renewable energy field (sub-sectors considered were Wind, solar and biomass). 2008- 2009

Regional Trajectories to the Knowledge Economy: A Dynamic Model? (EURODITE), funded under the EU Framework Programme 6, aimed at examining the dynamics of knowledge in the economies of European regions to inform policies seeking to promote the transition of Europe towards a knowledge-based society. 2005-2009

Collective Learning in Knowledge Economies: Milieu or Market', Economic Social Research Council funded project, aimed at comparing processes of knowledge-transfer in the science based industries of Information and Communication Technologies and Biotechnology across European countries;  2003-2006

Regional Information Society and Social Inclusion (RISESI), an Information Society & Technology Programme under the EU Framework Programme 5 concerned the investigation of the regional impact of the information society on social inclusion and integration. 2002-2005

Technology, Economics and Diversity in the Periphery (TEDIP), an Information Society & Technology Programme under the EU Framework Programme 5; this explored how the development of the Information Society and the Knowledge Economy is progressing within six European peripheral regions, among others, Wales in the UK. Completed. 2001-2003

Consultancy Projects:
Networks of Innovation in Information Society: Development and Deployment in Europe, Project funded by the European Commission and led by CESPRI, Bocconi University. Collaboration on a consultancy base analysing networks of Innovation in Wales. 2006

The Future of Manufacturing Jobs In Europe: Wales as a Case Study Project funded by the Green Alliance MEP Group, European Parliament, Brussels & Strasbourg. 2003

Wales Active Community Initiative, funded by the Welsh Assembly Government. Evaluation of the Wales Active Community Initiative. 2003

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