Welsh School of Architecture

Research centres

Research centres in the School provide a focus for the range of different research themes. Staff may be affiliated to one or more centres, which allows them the flexibility to pursue a range of interests and maximise interdisciplinary working. The diverse range of centres reflects the varied interests and achievements of staff.

CRiBE - Centre for Research in the Built Environment

CRiBE provides a complete design and environmental consultancy service, across all aspects of the built environment. CRiBE's interdisciplinary expertise, underpinned by a dedicated business support team, is successfully applied to both large international and small local practices and businesses.

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DRUw - Design Research Unit Wales

DRUw provides a research based approach to architectural design, urban design and landscape projects, focusing on sustainability, place-making, tectonic form and sensitive contexts. Work is carried out in partnership with industry. Projects are shaped through rigorous and critical analysis of all parameters shaping the conceptualisation, development and solution of the project.

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LCRI - Low Carbon Research Institute

The LCRI involves a capacity for Welsh Universities to seek funding for large energy projects by targeting cross-disciplinary research in the energy field. LCRI co-ordinates research, technology development / demonstration and knowledge transfer. It seeks to achieve long term affordable low carbon energy costs, use energy efficiently from different sources, reduce energy demand across all sectors, be less dependent on imported fuels and reduce impact on climate change.

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SuDOBE - Centre for Sustainable Design of the Built Environment

SuDoBE creates a focus for research collaboration on sustainable design in Wales, the UK and internationally. The main theme of its research is how design can enhance the quality of people's experiences and interactions with built environment and its technologies and simultaneously minimise the impact on precious resources.

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PRASADA - Practice, Research and Advancement in South Asian Design and Architecture

PRASADA is an established centre for studying the architectural traditions of South Asia and its Diaspora. The centre aims to integrate academic research with creative practice through research projects and publications, design consultancy work, teaching and postgraduate research programmes. Its main current project is 'The Indian Temple: Production, Place, Patronage', funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (£0.5m).

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