ASG PhD/MPhil Projects

Shweta Srivastav

Shweta Srivastav

Research Interests

"The understanding and future of sustainable development"

Shweta Srivastav is an architect with a professional degree in architecture from Sushant School of art and Architecture,Gurgaon, India (B.Arch, 2006) and an interest in sustainable and low energy architecture led her to do a Master in Environmental Design from Cardiff University (MSc, 2007). She has previously worked in an architectural practice in India and also as a Faculty Associate in Himgiri Nabh Viswavidyalaya, Dehradun, India. She is currently working as a Research Assistant at Welsh School of Architecture on a project to develop a low carbon design aid software.

PhD Research

An interest in the understanding and future of sustainable development has led to this PhD research on the scope of sustainable development in developing countries.

The research aims at understanding the opportunities and obstacles in the path of sustainable development in the built environment in a developing country like India. India has so far avoided the call for sustainable development, but it is going to be impertinent to follow the route of sustainable development to avoid the catastrophic scenarios of climate change.The research aims at exploring the current scenario of sustainability in the field of architecture in India, looking at the existing case studies, design motivation, the traditional knowledge, the ongoing research, the relevant law developments, the educational scenario, the psychological and social picture, available technologies etc. to achieve at a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in the field of sustainable development in India. Having established that, the research will aim for finding the best path to follow to achieve the aim.