ASG - PhD/MPhil Projects

Shaofu Li

Research Interests

Ecological Design of Lighting and Ventilation in Traditional Shophouses in Urban Southeast Asia

The aim of the research is to bridge the power of modern mechanical facilities, technical decision making on renovated vernacular architectural issues, and environmental conditions. The urban Southeast Asia's shophouse type will be explored as an unique vernacular form. Shophouse, it is typically a city dwelling which also includes a small shop or meeting space that front the street. Two or three internal courtyards break up the house into various sections. These analyses ultimately lead to design guidelines which investigates the Shophouse type as an intelligent base for a vernacular process within the context of the Southeast Asia urban environment. Therefore, the conclusion is to present, or to infer, the values of vernacular cultures.

About Shaofu Li

Shaofu is currently working as a Lecturer of Architecture at Chung Hua University, Taiwan where he is responsible for 2nd year Architectural Design Studios and 3rd year Building Simulation lectures programmes. Before shifting to academia, he was employed as an assistant architect and project manager at Buildings Office, the Chinese University of Hong Kong for almost seven years before and after his postgraduate studied in Sheffield University. These practices and teaching jobs led him to explore aged or historic buildings under the concepts of ecological design.