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Shafizal Maarof

Shafizal Maarof

He obtained his Masters of Architecture Degree from University of Texas at Arlington, USA. Prior to becoming a lecturer in one of the public university in Malaysia, he worked as an architect in a government sector. Besides designing public buildings, the scope of work was to ensure that all the buildings submitted for construction complied with the government regulations. His research interest is on the environmental influences on the indoor environmental quality especially in a big public building such as a mosque.

Project Title

The Influences of Roof Design in Comfort Level in Malaysian Mosques.

Project Brief

Currently, the domed roof mosques are becoming very popular in Malaysia. Traditionally, the pitched roof is used due to its suitability to the tropical climate which is hot and humid. Little research is known on the performance of the domed roof especially in tropical countries. The research is to investigate the comfort level in the mosques and to study the influences, especially the roof design, and other related building elements to the comfort level.