ASG PhD/MPhil Projects

Luciano Caruggi de Faria


Research Interests

Natural Ventilation in Multi-Storey Office Buildings

Urban Microclimate
Sustainable Architecture
Environmentally Responsible Design


Luciano is an architect with a professional degree in architecture from the University of São Paulo - USP (B.Arch, 2001). He practiced architecture as a member of the JBA architecture until 2005, working mostly with feasibility and project development on initial stages.

Alongside this activity, he performed as researcher collaborator of the Department of Technology at The School of Architecture and Urban Design (FAUUSP). The main focus of investigation of this group consisted of the application of a Building Thermal Regulation for the City of São Paulo, Brazil.

PhD Research

The current focus of study includes the theme "Natural Ventilation in Multi-storey Office Buildings", with investigations in both urban and building scales

List of Publications

  • FARIA, L; ROMERO, M; ESTEVES, C. Comfort Levels for Office Environment Users. In: XXIII PLEA - International Conference Passive and Low Energy Architecture - Clever Design, Affordable Comfort: A Challenge for Low Energy Architecture and Urban Planning. Geneva, Suíça. Proceedings, 2006.
  • FARIA, L; ROMERO, M. Office Buildings Revitalization in the City of São Paulo. In: CISBAT 2005 - Science Day. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. Lausanne, Suíça. Proceedings, 2005.
  • ROMERO, M; FARIA, L. Energy Consumption Potential of Office Buildings in the City of São Paulo. In: XXI PLEA - International Conference Passive and Low Energy Architecture - Built Environment and Environmental Buildings, Eindhoven - The Netherlands. Proceedings, 2004.