ASG PhD/MPhil Projects

Joanne Patterson


PhD subject

Modelling Movement Patterns in Cities

Traffic is the main environmental problem in European Cities. Existing transport routes need to be well managed and new developments need to be carefully planned in order to achieve minimum environmental impact in relation to the use of resources and pollutant emission. There is a need to reduce the need to travel through good planning and management together with a need to improve alternative transport methods to reduce the dependence on the motorcar.

Research Interest

"Modelling Movement Patterns in Cities

As a Senior Research Associate at the Welsh School of Architecture, my research activities include all aspects of sustainable development. Particular interests include all aspects of sustainable development at an urban scale. Particular interests include identification, prediction, planning and promotion of sustainability issues in the built environment to improve environmental, economic and social issues at an urban scale.

The aim of this research is to further develop and apply spatial analysis techniques in order to model traffic flow and cycling patterns in cities.

Spatial integration models have been further developed in order to predict flow of people with a satisfactory level of accuracy using weighting factors and correlates integration values from the spatial analysis model with real traffic flow figures and cyclist routes. The research will assist city transport planners to investigate future transport situations in cities.

Relevant publications

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