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Shaofu Li

Shaofu Li is currently working as a Lecturer of Architecture at Chung Hua University, Taiwan where he is responsible for 1st year Architectural Design Studios, 3rd year Building Simulation and the BIM lectures programme.

Before shifting to academia, he was employed as an assistant architect and project manager at the Buildings Office of the Chinese University of Hong Kong for almost seven years before and after his postgraduate study in Sheffield University. These practices and teaching jobs led him to explore aged or historic buildings under the concepts of ecological design.

Shaofu Li

PhD Abstracts:
Ecological Design of Lighting and Ventilation in Traditional Shophouses in Urban Southeast Asia

Many studies agree that shophouse buildings are the oldest extant urban dwellings in coastal cities in urban Southeast Asia. This research aims to look anew at the poor condition of the traditional shophouse architecture in terms of its hidden technology.

One of the most important features of the shophouse is the use of a variety of open-to-sky spaces (courtyards) which allow the flow of fresh air as well as sunlight control. The peer vernacular cultures’ model may be particularly applicable to decentralized eco-environments. This research questions whether it is possible to optimize the balance between natural and artificial lighting and ventilation in shophouses through renovation.

Shaofu Li - Daylight Pattern

Shaofu Li - Airflow Pattern

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