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Ko-Yang Lin

Ko-Yang Lin is a Taiwanese urban, architectural and interior designer with professional architectural degrees from Chung Yuan Christian University (B.Arch) and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (M.Arch). After being the valedictorian from the university, Ko-Yang joined the military service and was awarded the best annual corporals prize. In the following years, he practised urban, architectural and interior design in several cities throughout Taiwan and China. His personal experience of working and travelling made him realise the importance of sustainable urban and building development of he made this his lifelong goal.

Ko-Yang Lin

Ko-Yang Lin

PhD Research:
The exploration of strategies to save energy for new and existing buildings at building and urban scales - The example of Taipei

Sustainable development related design and research has shown a focus shift from new building projects to existing ones; from the building scale to the regional scale; from reviewing the energy performance of buildings to participating at an earlier design stage. In Ko-Yang’s research, Taipei has been selected as a subject due to its extremely high urbanisation and huge pressure from the existing built environment. In order to maintain an acceptable quality of life, appropriate localised guidelines for building development are urgently needed. Therefore, his research aims to understand, analyse and predict the energy performance of new and existing architectures in Taipei, and offers a series of design strategies to help the city reduce the energy demand. The proposed methodology for achieving the goal is a bottom-up method and is supported by several technical tools, including Sketch Up (@Last Software and Google), HTB2 v2.10 (WSA 2008), and Virvil Plugins (WSA 2012). Through a series of simulation and in-depth discussion of critical factors, the research not only successfully revised the energy performance of Taipei built environment, but also offered guidelines to saving energy for different buildings at building and urban scales.


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