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Kika Ioannou Kazamia

Kika Ioannou Kazamia holds a BA degree in Interior Design, an MA degree in Education, and she is currently pursuing a PhD in Architecture at the University of Cardiff.

She has been involved in numerous interior design projects since 1988. In 1989 she worked as a lecturer on the Interior Design Program at the Intercollege Larnaca Cyprus until 1996. Since then she has been a lecturer at the Intercollege Nicosia, teaching in the Design Department and a lecturer at the University of Nicosia Architecture Department. Her area of concentration and research interests as interior designer and educator is the implementation of environmental issues in interior design, the importance of environmental education, and the promotion of sustainable approaches to interior design practices. Her work has been presented in various conferences and exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad.

Kika Ioannou Kazamia

PhD Abstract:
Promoting and Delivering Sustainable Interior Design

The importance of sustainability in the practice of interior design needs to be recognised in order to provide a base for the development of a strategy. This research considers the way in which the interior designer through his or her work can enhance sustainable interior design. Designers can deliver to their clients, opinions, norms and finally attitudes. Thus, they are able to encourage clients to live in a more sustainable manner. Clients are considered to be one of the major stakeholders in projects. Stakeholders' education and involvement in learning and different learning methods have been identified, therefore the purpose of this study is to evaluate the extent to which a range of interventions can raise participants' awareness and understanding of the role of interior design in the delivery of sustainability in the built environment. The research will use the island of Cyprus as a case study.

Refereed Journal Publications

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  • K. Ioannou Kazamia ,'Methods and Tools for Sustainable Design' HYΦEN,Vol.7, no13, Pages 71-77, 2008.

Refereed Conference Proceedings Publications

  • K. Ioannou Kazamia, J. Gwilliam 'Reflections on Design for Sustainability-A View from a Distinct Point and the Role of Interior Designer', 18th International Conference on Engineering Design, Copenhagen, Vol.5, Pages 19-27, 2011.
  • K. Ioannou Kazamia, M.Kafaridou 'How a Designer Can Support Sustainability in a Creative Way' 11th International Design Conference Croatia, pp 573-580, 2010.

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