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Hasan Jamil Alfarra

Hasan Jamil Alfarra spent ten years working in the architecture, sustainability, and construction industries both in the UAE and abroad. He has an MSc in Sustainable Design of the Built Environment from the British University in Dubai (general grade: A). He has since specialised in clean energy sources - primarily nuclear energy - and its contribution towards mitigating carbon dioxide emissions from the built environment leading to a reduction in the impact on climate change.

Hasan Jamil Alfarra

PhD Abstract:
Architectural Integration of Transpired Solar Thermal technology in Building Envelopes and Associated Technological Innovation Analysis

This research aims to discover alternative sustainable building textile and energy saving techniques to be applied to building envelopes. This will be achieved by introducing building-integrated photovoltaic panels (BiPV). This research emphasises the problem of global warming, climate change and the carbon dioxide greenhouse effect on the built environment. The project will investigate PV technologies and strategies, changes in the material of the building envelopes, and urban scale (space relation, heat impacts, transmission, orientation, shadow, and thermal).

The study will concentrate largely on the BiPV panels in the built environment. Hasan will investigate the integration schemes, storage, energy demand, liability, panel orientation, scale and location, and types and models on a building scale. On an urban scale he will investigate the orientation, shadow, sun shading, thermal and solar concentration. Cost issues will form an important part of the research.

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