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Past Postgraduate Research Students



Luciano de Faria
Name Luciano de Faria
Degree PhD
Title Natural Ventilation in Multi-Storey Office Buildings
Nazanin Nasrollahi
Name Nazanin Nasrollahi
Degree PhD
Title Thermal environments and occupant thermal comfort in Iranian office buildings
Sam Jelfs
Name Sam Jelfs
Degree PhD
Title The Effects of Conversation on Reverberation in Rooms
Eleni Ampatzi
Name Eleni Ampatzi
Degree PhD
Title Reduction of carbon emissions from UK residential buildings through use of Thermal
Clarice Bleil de Souza
Name Clarice Bleil de Souza
Degree PhD
Title Integrating Environmental Performance Simulation of Buildings into the Design Process
Nur Dalilah Dahlan
Name Nur Dalilah Dahlan
Degree PhD
Title Prediction of Comfort Living in High-rise using System Approach in Malaysia
Sabina Fazlic
Name Sabina Fazlic
Degree PhD
Title Design Strategies for Environmentally Sustainable Residential Towers in the Cool Temperate Climate of Europe and North America
Engy Samy Hussein
Name Engy Samy Hussein
Degree PhD
Title Green Architecture as an approach for increasing energy efficiency in Egyptian buildings
Jamal Khodakarami
Name Jamal Khodakarami
Degree PhD
Title Achieving Thermal Comfort in Iranian Hospitals
Nico Kreutzer
Name Nico Kreutzer
Degree PhD
Title The Design of Photovoltaic Systems: Findings of a Detailed Monitoring Study of Energy
Qian Li
Name Qian Li
Degree PhD
Title Sustainable Design Strategies for High-Rise Domestic Architecture in North China
Sara Alsaadani
Degree PhD
Title A Socio-cultural Exploration of Building Performance Simulation Users for Integration in the Architectural Design Process
Registered October 2009 - July 2013
Ko-Yang Lin
Name Ko-Yang Lin
Degree PhD
Title Shedding New Light on the Transformation of Taiwan Cities to Account for Sustainability
Registered October 2009 - October 2013

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