PhD/MPhil Projects

Ziad Aazam

Ziad Aazam is an architect with a professional degree in architecture from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, USA (B.Arch, 1989) and a Master of Business Administration from the European University in Paris, France (MBA, 1991). He practiced architecture in Honolulu, HI, USA and Jeddah, Al-Hijaz, Saudi Arabia. His shift to academia started by teaching design at the School of Environmental Design in Jeddah.

PhD Research

The research aims at understanding spatial, temporal and cultural meanings of the building type. The congregation mosque type, as a living tradition, is analysed for its socio-spatial properties, in which space syntax theories and methodologies are applied. The objective is to contribute to the knowledge of this building type, by investigating these properties at the settlement, context, and building levels, in the context of cultural diversity and historical continuity.

Keywords: Building Type, Culture, Space, Mosque


Aazam, Ziad (2005). To, Around and From the Centre: How the Kabah continues to integrate the society and its rituals. In: Van Nes, A. ed. Space Syntax 5th International Symposium. Delft: Delft University of Technology, pp. 309-322.

Aazam, Ziad (2005). The Social Logic of the Mosque: A Typological Study. In: Loach, Judi ed. Welsh School of Architecture: Research Student Conference. Cardiff: Cardiff University.