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Past Postgraduate Research Students



Name Sam Austin
Degree PhD
Title Transcience and 'Non-Place': The British Motorway Service Station Since 1959
Name Wayde Brown
Degree PhD
Title The Role of Replica: Fabric, Authenticity and Meaning in Heritage Conservation
Name Devdutt Shastri
Degree PhD
Title Dancing Temples - The Architecture of Expressive Movement
Analysis of the Udayeshvara Temple, Udayapur, Madhya Pradesh
Name Doria Tichit
Degree PhD
Title Indian Temple Architecture
Name Ed Wainwright
Degree PhD
Title Transparancy and Obfuscation: Henri Lefebvre, Norman Foster and the Politics of Modern Architecture
Ziad Aazam
Name Ziad Aazam
Degree PhD
Title Architectural Space and Time: A Cultural Continuity and Transformation
Fiona Buckee
Name Fiona Buckee
Degree PhD
Title Analysis of Temple 45, Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh
Himanish Das
Name Himanish Das
Degree PhD
Title Principles of Design in the Traditional Architecture of Jaisalmer
Sona Datta
Name Sona Datta
Degree PhD
Title Art and Architecture of the Pandya Dynasty
Name Ananya Gandotra
Degree PhD
Title An Analysis of the North Indian Style Temple Architecture Using Computers
Rupa Raje Gupta
Name Rupa Raje Gupta
Degree PhD
Title Indian Courtyard Houses
Name Arman Hashemi
Degree PhD
Title Human Settlement Planning, Design and Technology
Amita Kanekar
Name Amita Kanekar
Degree PhD
Title The Architecture of the Keladi Nayakas
Alex Veal
Name Alex Veal
Degree PhD
Title The Influence of Japanese Architecture on European Modernism
Kathryn Wilkinson
Name Kathryn Wilkinson
Degree PhD
Title The Architecture of Nonconformity: The Chapels of South Wales
Phil Henshaw
Name Phil Henshaw
Degree MPhil
Title Temporary Urbanism: Strategies for Developing Residual Space along the Rhondda Valley Train Lines
Name Yashaswini Sharma
Degree MPhil
Title Bangalore The Early City, the Pettah, the Fort and the Palace
Registered October 2007 - July 2013

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