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Adam Hardy has been awarded a grant of £505,749 by the AHRC for a project entitled 'The Indian Temple - Production, Place, Patronage'. He will be collaborating with Dr Daud Ali (School of Oriental and African Studies) and Dr Michael Willis (The British Museum). The project is focused around the temple at Bhojpur, a massive structure in central India, left unfinished in the 11th century. It is associated with King Bhoja, one of India's most notable monarchs. Around the temple are quarries with rock drawings and unfinished architectural parts, a unique survival providing insights into medieval processes of design and construction. The team aim to establish a new model of interdisciplinary research in the field, addressing the questions of how temples were designed and built, the role of the king as a patron of architecture and Sanskrit letters, and the social and political role of temples in medieval society. (click here for more information about the project).


Presentations/ Publications

Judi Loach has presented a paper at the Menestrier tercentenary conference in Grenoble and Lyons, for which she was also on the French government's organising committee. She also currently has two associated exhibitions in Lyons (both open until the end of the year): a relatively major one with loans from several museums and libraries,

"Un jesuite lyonnais", at the Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon, co-organised with Yves Jocteur Montrozier (for the virtual version, see http://www.bm-lyon.fr/expo/virtuelles/menestrier/index.htm); the other, for the diocese of Lyons, which she organised alone, is at Galerie Confluences until the end of this month and then at St. Polycarpe until the end of the year. A brochure has been published for the former exhibition, containing her texts from that exhibition, and she also has a related article in the current issue of the library's journal, Gryphe, on Menestrier and Lyons.


'Formations', an exhibition of images, fabrics, rugs and tiles by Richard Weston, was shown at the Roger Phillips Gallery, Walton on Thames from 11 October - 6 November following a preview in the School of Architecture.

CEBE organised a conference entitled Studio Culture 3: The inclusive studio (21st - 22nd November 2005). The event was attended by representatives from most UK schools of Architecture.


Richard Weston was guest speaker at the dinner/presentation for the Lord Mayor's Design Awards in Swansea on 17 November.