Welsh School of Architecture

AHTG Exhibitions

The work of the group is regularly celebrated through exhibitions.

Judi Loach has currently got two exhibitions on in Lyons (France) until the end of the year, in case anyone is passing through to ski in the Alps around Christmas), both on Menestrier, the seventeenth century Jesuit commissioner and designer who she has been researching for the last quarter century. The first, “Un jesuite Lyonnais, Claude-Francois Menestrier (1631-1705): histoire, image et erudition“, is in the Bibliotheque de la Part-Dieu,, the main public library and the second biggest library in France. It mainly consists of rare printed sources - books and engravings - but also includes some even rarer watercolours, oil sketches and manuscripts, along with some of the objects he sketched, mainly Roman coins and (photographs of) inscribed stones (nearly seventy items in all). The second, in St. Polycarpe's church (after a sojourn in the diocesan gallery, Confluences, near the cathedral, explains the impact of Menestrier's theology on his designs, and consists entirely of photographs of original material. There is a much abridged electronic version of the first exhibition at: www.bm-lyon.fr/expo/virtuelles/menestrier/index.htm

AHTG Exhibitions

In November 2005 Richard Weston exhibited digitally-printed images and fabrics at the Robert Phillips Gallery in Walton on Thames. The designs were drawn from minerals and fossils and from Spring 2006 a selection will be permanently accessible on www.naturallyexclusive.com.

Building Wales, curated by Monica Cherry was opened in the RIBA in London in March 2005. The exhibition of images and text relating to architecture in Wales since 1925 showcased a variety of projects alongside panels describing wider international architectural movements. The exhibition had previously been shown in Cardiff and will open at the RIAS Gallery in Edinburgh in March 2006.

Following the exhibition, funding was secured from the Arts Council of Wales and a book of the same name was published and launched in December 2005. The publication features 37 projects from across Wales including the recently completed Wales Millennium Centre, the National Waterfront Museum, and the National Assembly building.