Welsh School of Architecture

BSc in Architectural Studies/Undergraduate Admissions FAQ's

What qualifications are accepted for entry on to the BSc in Architectural Studies?

For the most up to date entry requirements please visit the course finder web page:

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What subjects do you prefer?

We prefer applicants to have a balance of skills in visual arts, sciences, writing and research, at A levels for example we would prefer applicants to have a mix of one Art/Design subject, one Maths ­or Science subject, plus one other good academic subject e.g. English, History, Geography, Business Studies, Psychology, a Language etc. At A level we do not consider General Studies, Further Maths, Critical Thinking or PE as acceptable subjects for a place on the course. Please note these are only preferred subjects and we do consider applicants without the above combination.

What are the English Language requirements?

All applicants whose first language is not English must have a standard of written and spoken English that will enable them to benefit fully from their course of study. Cardiff University?s preferred test of English Language competence is IELTS, all applicants will be required to pass the IELTS examination with a grade of no less than 6.5, (sub scores of 5.5 may be requested if an applicant needs a student visa). Please see the link below for more detailed information.


How do I apply for a place on the course?

Only applications made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) system can be considered for entry on to the BSc in Architectural Studies. Applications are made online via the UCAS website using the ‘UCAS apply’ facility. To use this facility you need to log onto www.ucas.com/apply. The UCAS website will provide you with information on how to apply and will explain the procedure for application. Once you have submitted your UCAS form you should provide us with a small (4 pages of A4) portfolio of artwork. When we have received both the UCAS form and portfolio the admissions tutors will make a decision on the application and you will be informed of any decision via UCAS Track.

UCAS codes for your reference:
Course Code: K100
Cardiff University Code: C15

When should I apply for the course?

Home & EU applicants to the BSc course should apply before the UCAS main cycle deadline which is usually the 15th of January. The deadline for applicants from outside the EU is usually June the 30th. You can find more information on the UCAS deadlines by following the link below:


Alternatively if you have any queries please contact the admissions administrator on 029 2087 5963

What happens if I apply after the UCAS deadline?

Our admissions policy on 'Late' applications (i.e. those who apply after the UCAS deadline has passed) is that they are considered at the school's discretion. Late cycle forms are filtered for applicants with an excellent academic record and portfolio and may be considered depending on the number of offers made to main cycle applicants.

What needs to be in the portfolio?

As part of our admissions policy at the Welsh School of Architecture, we ask to see a small portfolio of artwork, (4 pages of A4). The portfolio need not be architectural but can include drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, product design or any other work in visual design that you have executed. There is no typical portfolio – we encourage independent and original thinking, we expect passion and commitment and look for students who think critically about their surroundings; show us work that tells us about your ideas and interests.

The portfolio must be 4 pages of A4 size paper; you can use both sides of the pages and include as many images as you wish but please ensure that these are clearly defined. We only accept paper copies of portfolios, e-mailed or CD copies will not be considered, please do not send original work as we cannot return it - photographs, photocopies, digital printouts will suffice. Letters of verification confirming that the portfolio is the applicants own work must accompany the portfolio. The letter should be on School/College headed paper and signed by a Tutor.

Who do I send the portfolio to?

Please send your portfolio with your name and UCAS number clearly stated directly to the Welsh School of Architecture at the address below:

Mrs Anwen Cook
Admissions Administrator
Welsh School of Architecture
Cardiff University
Bute Building
King Edward VII Avenue
Cardiff, CF10 3NB

When do I send the portfolio in to the school?

Please send your portfolio in to the school once you have submitted your UCAS application. If we have not received a portfolio from an applicant by the time we have received their UCAS application, we will send an e-mail request for the portfolio setting a deadline for the portfolio to arrive at the school.

Can I put a cover sheet on my portfolio?

Applicants are welcome to put a cover sheet on their portfolio which should include the applicants name and UCAS number.

Will I receive confirmation that you have received my portfolio?

Due to the high volume of applications received by the Welsh School of Architecture, we are unable to acknowledge receipt of individual portfolios by e-mail. Should you wish to receive an acknowledgement, please include with your portfolio a stamped, addressed postcard with your name and UCAS number marked on the reverse.

Can I join in the 2nd year of the course?

Direct entry into BSc Year 2 is considered in some circumstances. These can vary, but usually at least two years of relevant architecture-related study at another academic institution is required before the application is seriously considered. Applicants, in these cases, are always asked to provide a portfolio of previous design work, and a reference from their previous institution. If currently engaged in a year of study at another institution they are required, as a condition of acceptance, to complete that year satisfactorily.

Can I join in the 3rd year of the course?

We do not accept anybody directly onto the 3rd year of the course.

Can I request a deferred year of entry?

We are happy to consider applications from those wishing to defer entry for a year. We ask that this be clearly indicated, with your reasons for deferral on your application form.

Are applicants to the course interviewed?

The Welsh School of Architecture does not routinely interview applicants for its undergraduate programmes. Applicants unable to demonstrate the requisite potential through actual or predicted grades may be offered an interview as an alternative means of showing their academic and visual design potential. Decisions as to whether or not to invite such applicants for interview are taken by reference to the entirety of the information disclosed on the UCAS form, and the contents of the submitted portfolio.

Do you enter Clearing?

The Welsh School of Architecture does not enter Clearing.

When will I hear if I have been offered a place on the course?

Decisions will be processed throughout the application cycle, for main cycle applicants the first batch of decisions are likely to be made mid-December, then late February or late March. Once the school has made a decision on your application you will be informed via UCAS Track of any outcome.

When will the course start?

The BSc course starts in late September. Please see the link below for full details on semester dates:


Can I come and visit the school?

There are a number of opportunities for applicants to visit the school as we hold a number of Open Days throughout the year. On these days the admissions tutor will be on hand to talk about the admissions requirements, portfolio submission and the demands of the course itself, the students are also in-house to take you around the school and to give an overview of student life at the Welsh School of Architecture.

The dates for the Open Days can be found on the following web page: www.cardiff.ac.uk/archi/events/open-days.php

What are the Tuition Fees for the course?

Please visit the relevant pages of the Cardiff University website for the most up to date information:


Are there any scholarships/funding available to students on the course?

Please visit the relevant pages of the Cardiff University website for the most up to date information: