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SRIF 3 Equipment

ARCCA is procuring major new research computing resources, including

  • A large computing cluster,
  • Shared memory machines and
  • A large new data storage facility.

Access to this equipment is facilitated through the Modern IT Working Environment (MWE) in partnership with Information Services.

If you are interested in using this equipment and services, please contact us early to discuss your requirements. This is important to help us to do everything we can to align our services with your research needs. It is also essential that we carefully cost your needs, as this is a requirement of the Full Economic Costing (fEC) of ARCCA services.  We may even be able to provide a paper to support your research grant application.


Cardiff University's Condor pool uses all the spare computing capacity in the University's open access PCs (and other PCs which are part of the scheme) to provide computing power for research.

The Condor service is already used by a wide range of researchers based in various schools across the University.

The pool gives you a significant advantage over your competitors in other universities whilst at the same time saving between a quarter and a third of a million pounds on dedicated high throughput computing resources.

Cardiff University's pool is one of the largest pools in the UK with up to 1400 execute nodes providing over 500 gigaflops of computing power on-demand to the University's researchers.

Using Condor

The Condor pool can be used by researchers based in any of the schools across campus. To use Condor, we simply ask that you:

  • Write a short summary of your research that we can use to publicise your use of the pool
  • Provide references to journal articles and conference proceedings containing appropriate acknowledgements

We provide a range of services to assist you in your use of Cardiff University's pool including one-on-one training and bespoke application development. We are also open to research proposals from other institutions and industry.

For further enquiries please contact us.

Service Reports

ARCCA aims to publish service availability reports on all its key equipment services as they become available.  Please contact us for more information.